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KSPA agency supply babies, children and teenagers and young adults from newborn to 22 years for a range of projects including photographic, commercial, TV, film and stage work. Our boy, girls and young peopleare based in the South of England.


Call Andy and Becki at the agency to discuss any matters or require further information 01227-206535


Based in Kent, all our clients can be in central London within an hour

Super Fast Licensing

Based in Kent we can normally turn around a licence within 5 working days - sometimes quicker

What We Do

film theatre tv commercials

Many of our clients have worked across the industry and we pride ourselves on providing a first class services for casting directors, production personnel and creatives alike.

KSPA books are currently open and we are looking to take on new talent. If you think you fit our criteria then fill out our online form to get in touch.

An agency that you can rely on.

We know our client's strengths and suggest the best match to fit the brief.

Cast with confidence

Frequently Asked Questions


Can You Guarantee Me Work?

No Agency can really guarantee you work. Once your child’s photograph is circulating it is ultimately up to our clients who they choose for each job. What we do guarantee is the fact that we only take onto our books those who we feel we can successfully place in jobs.

Does it Cost Anything to Join Your Agency?

No, we only receive a fee if we successfully find you work. There will be costs associated with joining any agency and that will be for your photograph to be taken and your Spotlight fee. You must have both .

Why Choose Your Agency?..There are loads of others

KSPA Agency is very small and we know our clients VERY well. We match the casting briefs to the letter and will not speculatively submit you as it is not fair to you or the casting directors. We are parents of child actors and know the industry intimately.

What is Spotlight and do I have to join?

Spotlight is the way in which casting directors are introduced to our clients. We, as an agency receive casting briefs and in turn we submit your Spotlight profile. It is the way the system works and must join Spotlight.

Do I need to have a professional headshot?

Short answer is yes; very much so. A great image tells a thousand stories and is the shop window to get noticed as an actor or actress. We use our own photographers who are used to working with children and young people and take excellent images.

Can I work for another agency?

The answer unfortunately is no. It really does muddy the waters. We do not have any objection to our clients who find work themselves, however, we do ask that we are involved in this process to make sure the young person is not being taken advantage of.

Do I have to belong to your School to be on your Agency?

Short answer is no - you do not. However, being part of our school will open other opportunities to you and give you access to 1st class training which will boost your chances of a successful outcome at audition. You can find out more about our school HERE

What are your expectations for your clients?

We expect for our clients 1st and foremost to be available at short notice to attend castings. Most of these castings are in London and it is important that parents and carers of children on our agency can drop everything to get the child to the audition.

What are the chances of getting work?

The industry is very competitive and there are lots of other children who want to be considered for professional work. Our advice is to get as much training as possible to the point where you are comfortable singing and, dancing and acting in front of others. We always say to our clients use auditions as just another learning experience.




Megan landed a feature role in the Boots Christmas Ad campaign and has just been cast in the new online Adidas advertising feature.


Shortly after joining us at KSPA agency, Jess has been cast as one of the dancers in the new Bastille video.


Carmen was fortunate to be cast as the daughter of one of the main characters in the Netflix blockbuster series Berlin Station.

Some of Our Clients

Production Companies with whom we have worked

What They Say

KSPA agency provided children for the movie Holmes and Watson which filmed at Chatham Dockyard. The whole process was easily managed and the children on set were fantastic

Simon DOwnes
Assistant Director Holmes and Watson
We were filming at Maidstone Studios for the CBBC film project "My world kitchen" KSPA agency sourced suitable child actors and actresses clients who behaved impeccably on set meaning our work was completed to a high standard and with no delay.
Nic Ayling
Director Terrific TV
KSPA Agency worked incredibly hard to ensure that child licensing and associated paperwork was expedited through the local authority really quickly to ensure the client was able to partake in the Boots Christmas advert with no delays or problems.
Production ASsistant H&O


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